24/7 Computer Doctors saves its current customers thousands of dollars by
either minimizing the need for major IT staff, or maximizing the benefit
received from your future functional network. Solutions include gigabit
upgrades to the network that incorporate VOIP (Voice over IP) features that
bring down cost of phone services. Audio Visual Services which can be networked
for a more personal setup. Conference rooms that can be fully remote
meeting capable to cut down on travel expenses. Get more out of your network
through our services. Just ask us how !!


Industry-wide problem

Computer Networking is perhaps the most under-utilized and yet the most
cost-effective tool for an office with more than one computer. The most
detrimental issues to a business or government office is email or internet
downtime, insufficient network security, and software incompatibilities.
Productivity is put at a standstill when systems are not in place to maintain
your working environment. We take pride in being available 24-hours a day,
seven days a week to keep your services running. We can design and build your
future network or redesign your current network to ensure you get the
productivity your office or home needs.







Our Attributes, what makes us different:

24/7 Computer Doctors is capable of building your network from ground zero to a 100% fully tested and secured network powerhouse. For Corporate or government offices, we specialize in network maintenance 24 hours around the clock, VOIP solutions, Power over Ethernet security camera solutions, and LEED compliance. For Education, we specialize in the installation of Audio Visual equipment such as Bogen voice enhancement systems, PA systems,
Smart Board systems, and training. Our areas of expertise also include
network upgrades such as CAT 6 and gigabit Ethernet networking.
With the newest world problems we have been implementing remote office work since our inception in 2001.  All of our clients either are remote working with our support, or still have the capability to go remote at any time.